04 December 2006

all of this is more than i've ever known or seen...

Mood: thoughtful
Currently Listening to:
Mat Kearney
Nothing Left to Lose (album)

so i've been in a contemplative state lately....wondering if anything about my life is really making a difference in the lives of anyone else...so here's where you come in i guess......

i would love it if you would send me a message telling me something we've done together or just some way that i've been a part of your life...just letting me know that you care is one way to really touch my heart. i cherish my friends so much, and i would love to know what you think......

try not to leave a message here though....i want this to be just between us!! love you guys so much!!!!!

ps...i'm going to see mat kearney on dec 14 in dallas, and if you want to come with me, i would love it!!!!