31 January 2011

pony-obsessed. and i'm not talking horses...

so i'm completely obsessed with this amazing ponytail from a feature in this month's asos magazine (a british fashion magazine). i want to recreate this look for a fun night out on the town....and i'm including the instructions, so you can too!!!

20 January 2011

paris needs a special camera.

i love this camera from urban outfitters. it's so parisian. it really almost warrants it's own trip to paris just to use it.

all images & camera found at urban outfitters

07 January 2011

i'm still here...

sorry i've been a little MIA guys...but i broke my arm snowboarding in winter park over new years, so the typing thing takes a while now. but as soon as i'm up & running again, you're the first place i'm checking in!!!