31 December 2009

inspired for 2010

It can come from the most unlikely places...

It can lead artists to create masterpieces.
It can lead architects to design works of art that double as usable structures.
It can compel chefs to generate edible creations that appear to float through the air.
It can drive inventors to revolutionize the world with their frankensteins (you know, like the sham-wow!)...

So that's the theme of this year. In the interest of full disclosure, this past year in Houston has been taxing, kicking me a little bit, and leaving me a little worse for wear. But all that is going to change this year. I am determined to be inspired this year. And not just in the art world. In fact, there may not be any art...oh, who are we kidding...of course there will be art. But that's what's great about inspiration. It can come from anywhere.

So in that vein of thinking, I am taking the 365 challenge (as in taking one photo a day for a year), but with a twist. I am going to spend one year looking for at least one thing to inspire me everyday. I am going to write about that thing and include a photo (my photo of the day). Sometimes they may be unrelated, and by that I mean, completely related!! (sorry...dr. doofensmirtz reference)

But I am going to do my best to keep inspired, and feel free to do the same! Contribute in any way you like to this blog, as I welcome comments and suggestions!!!!

Let's enjoy being inspired by 2010 together, shall we?!?