26 June 2010

yl wilderness ranch 2010 recap

26 june 2010

inspiration: my young life girls
location: the wilderness of colorado
what i love: the word inspiration isn't enough...these girls are awe inspiring.
well what did i learn in a week long trip into the wilderness with 14 girls, 2 guides, and a base camp summer staffer/cook?? better question = what didn't i learn???? 
i learned about love. about God's love. about the love God gives me for these girls. 
i learned about the mystery of God. His desire to meet me in my mess. in my worst state of mind, and not only pick me up, but drag me out, clean me off, and deliver me to his grace. ah, God is good.
so enjoy a little bit of the craziness, some of the nostalgia, and hopefully, you see some of the beauty that i see in these girls and in the wilderness.

the group on day 2

a little more how we were feeling on the inside.
our celebration on peak day!!!
last day! we were wearing half of the woods' dirt, but we made it back to the drop point!!
what? serious pics are overrated...
God's beauty. it never disappoints.
the whole WHYL group!!!

18 June 2010

fear? we're so there.

18 june 2010

inspiration: fear.
location: h-tiz-own
what i love: that it makes me rely on the Lord.

i've heard that fear is a great motivator. it pushes people to try all sorts of new things. it allows people to go beyond themselves, and get out there for some new adventures. 
well i'm getting a little bit fearful about this trip i'm leaving for tomorrow. i'm taking my young life girls to wilderness ranch for a week. that's right. getting out to the wilderness to be a part of God's creation for a week. without bathroom. without bed. without security blanket. without, well, without distraction. 

it's pretty scary, but i'm thinking that it's gonna be great. i'm pretty out of practice with the whole hiking thing...but i know the Lord will provide some comfort. so i found some fear verses....and i'll pretty much be reciting these until we get done with the mountain. so wish me luck...

psalm 2.11
serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling.

psalm 25.14-15
the Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. my eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare.

psalm 24.3-4
who may ascend the hill of the Lord? who may stand in his holy place? he who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false.

psalm 56.3 (message)
when i get really afraid i come to you in trust.

11 June 2010

dance is in the air....

11 june 2010

inspiration: ballet
location: camh office
what i love: the nostalgia/the beauty of dance

we are getting ready for the next show at the museum in the pr department...meaning connie. and sometimes me. in preparation for the show, we are working on some press releases and such. the next show we have coming up is called dance with camera, and in looking though the catalogue, i was really inspired by the past. days upon months upon years that i spent in toe shoes and ballet slippers. wearing pink tights and black leotards....i really miss it. so today's inspiration is about ballet and it's effect on me.

the catalogue (which i don't have images from...sorry) has a whole variance of dance, from both dancers and nondancers, artists and subjects, black and white film and color. there is a whole gamut of dances in this show, from nudists to ballerinas, and the like. i think it's a lot like dance, and ballet by extension. there are so many different various forms of dance now, not just ballet or tap or modern dance. movement by pure definition appears to be it's own form of dance. so get inspired by dance, cause it's coming to a CAMH near you (august 7-october 17).

back to ballet. it only took about 11 years to fall in love with ballet. really, it only took about 2 days. but i spent a LOT of time after that standing at a barre with my hair in a bun, correcting my form. and i loved every minute of it. from the tights and tiaras, i was hooked. it was the only place i ever wanted to be super girly. so my dance costumes were like my play time....i loved it so much! in fact, the only thing that made me quit was my dance school moving too far away for me to continue...and i never found another school that i loved the same. tear. but enjoy some fun pictures, including one of me at a recital! hee hee

i'm the one on the left... :)