17 February 2011

head gear is popular?!

just after i got back from my ski trip...minus the broken arm that is, i have been VERY inspired by winter hats. i just love that hats come out to play during the chillier weather.

i have been officially dusting off my own hat collection and rocking some adorable head gears in the last couple of weeks...well, at least the couple of days that we've had a semblance of winter here in houston.

so here are some of my fav hats for this season, both stylish and silly...as well as how i would wear them. enjoy!

so trendy

so alice 
so aqua

so grandpa

so pirate

so scottish

so mine

so lumberjack
so newsies
so cookie-monster

so scandinavian

so galifianakis
so foxy

 i'm loving each of these hats...haha. i would wear almost all of them.
so trendy--i think i would wear this one with a tunic, and liquid leggings for a more daring look (maybe my feminine leather jacket too?), but to casual it up, i might do some skinnies, chuck taylors, and a old man t-shirt...just to do the whole emo trendy thing. haha...maybe not.
so alice--too much to say a cute party dress? i just love alice in wonderland so much....hee hee
so aqua--i LOVE this hat. with an all gray outfit maybe? some wide leg trousers, either gray or denim, and a gray turtleneck. all together with the black pea coat. and a side braid.
so grandpa--with black pants, black turtleneck, black booties, and my black pea coat. all fitted. love.
so pirate--i'm feeling this one with a white button down and some slacks. too crazy? well i don't care. i'm feeling some stick straight hair, and maybe really big hoops....haha.
so scottish--better question....what NOT to wear this one with???
so mine--with everything!! i did buy the hat after all...
so lumberjack--haha. i love this one. i'm feeling the jcrew look with this one. that would be a chambray or denim shirt half tucked with some light wash jeans or khakis. and, of course, duck boots.
so newsies--this one's a little tricky to pull off without looking totally newsies. but i love the feminine touch of this one, with the bow on top. so i'm thinking, maybe a cool blue button down and some high waisted trousers. with a great belt...like carrie's valentino belt from the sex and the city movie? and some super high platform heels. that could be a hot look. with a great loose side braid.
so, the rest...well, with whatever, cause they are so silly...so silly to meeeeeee!!!!!

15 February 2011

ok, so i know that you've heard of radiohead. how could you not? they've been around since 1985 (from oxfordshire), and rock better than just about everyone in the business. the band is made up of thom yorke, jonny greenwood, ed o'brien, colin greenwood, and phil selway.


if you're not sure, just ask me about it. i'll tell you. :)

if you haven't heard though about their newest release, it's because it's coming out today!!!!!!

get excited people! it's called The King of Limbs, and you can purchase it at the King of Limbs website, so don't even bother looking on iTunes...just download and enjoy peeps!!!

have a great post heart day...hopefully you guys aren't still in sugar comas...

(and this is an awesome link of thom yorke...it's funny!)

14 February 2011



i hope you have someone to share today with....

or maybe a fun note from a friend...

or maybe something heart-felt in your garden....

here are some conversation hearts from me. so read which ever one applies the most to you...and take some love with you today!


today is valentines day. it is also the first day of the launch of a greatly anticipated line, directly related to anthropologie. welcome ladies to BHLDN!!! stemming from the word 'beholden,' this new line will cater to brides and bridesmaids alike with the most beautiful and unique wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories for the new bride!! the line appears very anthropologie inspired, with lots of ruffles, pleating, romantic feels in the clothes, with a very jcrew feel as well. but don't worry, i see no dyeables, or scary colored lace, or anything that would make you cry as soon as your bride showed it to you...ensuring a 27 dresses moment of "but i can just shorten it, and wear it again!"

 the gowns are just beautiful and i can't wait to see my friends all wearing some of these stunning things.

check out the website at BHLDN, and you can read about the launch on culturemap if you like!

happy love day everybody!!

all images are courtesy of BHLDN...enjoy!

04 February 2011

i heart paper.

so most of you that know me know how much i love paper. i do. i love it. i wanna marry it. with beautiful letterpress invitations on cardstock dyed the lightest shade of ivory with letters made with loops and flurries and the color of the most beautiful copper penny.

ok, so maybe i'd rather marry a fabulous man that can change a light bulb and make me a delicious grilled cheese. who looks like he stepped off the pages of a j crew catalog, but could also build me shelves for all my shoes. but i do love paper. in fact, for those of you that know me well know that i would LOVE to own a paper and stationery store some day. and that is truth.

i found some of the cutest little cards both at work (anthropologie (sorry, not available online) & the CAMH store) as well as online. i love this card with the pinata party on it....reminding me how much i love cinco de mayo....

i would want to carry that and some of these in my shop!!










there are two card stores that i adore on etsy....and i'm going to give you the inside scoop. that's right, i'm going to give you their websites. enjoy blueeyebrowneye and the wheatfield

and think about investing in my paper store. i know i'd appreciate it.

01 February 2011

dvf mania!!

looking back today on a posting i did back in may about dvf. loving it and looking at the pics i posted. i only wish i had done more....so i'm thinking tonight, i'll go through all the pics that i left out of this post, and fill in....hee hee