30 January 2010


30 january 2010

inspiration: cvs
location: washington & tc jester
what i love: so many things...

genie and i have some serious love for CVS. i don't know why, but no matter how busy we are, we always have time for a run to CVS.....and here's some funnies that we found in the store today.

this sweet ride was in the parking lot...

get it? love birds! (and look at baby bird chris behind her!!)

if you know me, you know drama queens...haha...or not.

haha...like a shampoo ad. until she squirted it into her nose....haha

my take on one of the magazine covers...turned out cool.

29 January 2010


29 january 2010

inspiration: aretha...and her bow.
location: macy's at memorial city
what i love: it's just hilarious/amazing.

so genie and i went to macy's today to fun around...well, we had some shopping to do. so we were running through to the mall part, and i found this aretha inspired hat. 

well, i just HAD to put it on. so genie and i had some fun with the hat, and took some pics with that fun app hipstamatic...check out the pics! and let me know....do you think i look like aretha????

(photo of aretha came from the blog gizmoto)

26 January 2010

hipstamatic = wicked awesome.

26 january 2010

inspiration: the hipstamatic app
location: um, iphone!
what i love: the awesomeness of the images!

so my fav new thing....obsession even, is the hipstamatic app for the iphone. i have been taking pictures with it nonstop. it's amazing. so fun! this is one of the first pics i took with it, and i love the different looks you can create! it changes the coloring, exposure, type of image, film, everything...and to be honest, it takes such better pictures than the iphone camera does. so download it if you get a chance, and i'll post some more pics of it later....

....better pics, there's an app for that!          (sorry i had to....)

25 January 2010

install day 1!

today is day one of install for the barkley hendricks: birth of the cool show. it's gonna be legen-wait for it-dary!!!! this show is really cool, and it's so fun to watch it come together....so i'm including a few shots. nothing fancy...just some install.

kelly from the nasher and me - conditioning is fun!

valerie with the gallery layout!

working on conditions....

18 January 2010

memorial parky...only if i bring tucky.

18 january 2010

inspiration: my monkey's got a first name...it's T-U-C-K-E-R...
location: memorial park
what i love: walkin with my dog

you wouldn't know it just by looking at him, but my dog is pretty great. he's like the cutest thing on earth, he sits when you ask him to, he loves to give kisses, and sometimes he blends into the grass. like today at memorial park.
genie and i decided to take the dogs to memorial park after being out of town for a couple of days. this is what my dog looked like in the car...

he was really pumped to be coming with us. but we got to the park and he was really excited to bark at all the other dogs he couldn't play with, as well as get stared at by park-goers (that actually happens a lot...and i'd love if you could explain it to me...), and pooping way too close to the path. oh well. it's all in a day's walk.

15 January 2010

15 jan 2010

inspiration: washington dc
location: um, washington dc
what i love: city planning and history....etc.

today is my mom's birthday!!!! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMMMMA!!!!!!

but today, i was away from my mom and on a trip with matty....in washington dc (we're actually on our way to josh's wedding in north carolina)! this was my first trip to the city, and i am so inspired by the city itself. and i think i might be in love....it's such a great place, full of history, and there is always a great view of the city and the landscape. it's so beautiful....even in january.

so enjoy my one picture that i'm posting from this trip...and know that i'm officially in love with washington dc today!!! yay! and happy birthday momma again!

06 January 2010

christmas lights!!!!

6 january 2010

inspiration: people who leave their christmas lights up later than new years day
location: all over
thing I love: um, festive-ness

Yes. I'm one of them. I leave my Christmas lights up longer than New Years' Day. Partly because I was out of town, and partly because I feel like we need to be more festive and creative throughout the year. Don't worry, I'm taking them down today, but I want you to know that this picture was taken far before Christmas, letting me know that people are just not as holly jolly as they used to be.

So SO SOOOOOO sad. I feel like people are more bah humbug throughout the year than they used to be. Just try to find a parking space at the Galleria on any weekend day, and you'll know what I mean. Or see the way that people treat the homeless in downtown Houston or at a freeway overpass. Let's remember how transformed Scrooge was after his visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. He says, "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." I think Charles Dickens was a smart man, inspiring masses to think beyond just a season of giving, and spread that joy and love year round.

So keep those Christmas lights out a little longer. Inspire someone else to keep Christmas with them all year long!

05 January 2010

tcu horned frogs

5 january 2010

inspiration: my TCU Horned Frogs
location: Fort Worth, TX
thing I love: the 2009 football season, minus the Fiesta Bowl

Well, the season is officially over. And it ended with a heartbreak. The TCU Horned Frogs had a season legends were made of. One of the top three offenses. The best defense. All these things were looking so good for next season. A possible conference upgrade, a potential #2 standing for next year. All these things amazing. And then we played the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix Arizona, and it all went straight to he- er, well, you know where it went.

After the disappointing loss, all our Horned Frogs could do was hang our heads, swallow our words, and embrace the great job they did the rest of the season. It truly was a wonderful year for TCU football. And, who knows, maybe this year's performance will provide a good springboard for something great in the TCU athletic future.

So today's inspiration is for the Horned Frogs of TCU and all their fans. Keep talking big for TCU, keep your chins up, and we're gonna get 'em next year!!!

04 January 2010

dj whaaaaaaat?!! DJ HERO!

4 january 2010

inspiration: dj hero
location: Best Buy, Houston TX
thing I love: I feel like a bad-a

ok, so i went to visit genie up at school before her semester started, and take her to lunch. we went to which wich and got delicious sandwiches, then ran into best buy to look for a fun new wii game.

we found some fun stuff...like deer hunter and some fun wii accessories...then genie asked if we could stop and play some fun new game she had heard of, called dj hero.

we played for way too long and we had SOO much fun with that game! so much in fact, that i walked away with a bloody finger...yikes! (i cut my finger while cleaning a serrated knife in the kitchen...oops)

so needless to say, this will HAVE to be a part of my life when it comes out for the wii!!!!

03 January 2010


3 january 2010

inspiration: guns
location: Avery Farms, outside Caldwell, TX
thing I love: gun safety

ok. so i am a pacifist. i have always been ok with that. i am the first one to try to solve a problem rather than engage in a fight. (don't get me wrong, i like a good bickering match, but not so much with the fighting)

but when i was little, the dead deer would make me cry; in high school, i tried to convince a teacher that he was morally wrong for promoting hunting by having a deer calendar in his classroom; in college, however, i made my first strides towards making my peace with hunters...i went to my first ducks unlimited function. i then became friends with some people at tcu that had ranches, and we would go up with friends, hunt birds, and just chill. i fell in love with just being in the country. i still love it. i understand why people have country houses, living their lives in the city, and escaping to the country to relax.

we made a trip to the country for new years, having a great time just being together and being outside. it was wonderful! this is when i partook of something i had never done before...i shot a shotgun!!!!

believe it or not, i was always a little afraid of guns. i'll say that i've always given them their proper fear, kept my distance, you know, whatever. but i had a lot of fun on this trip, watching the guys practice their target shooting, and watching all the girls learning to shoot. it was so fun! genie and i went up on new years day, then stayed until sunday, helping chris clean up the house and get it ready to shut down, and lauren and daniel came up and hung out with us on saturday night/sunday...sunday we went out to the lake again, and shot some more. the girls had so much fun!!!

lauren and i learned to shoot shotguns, and how to stay safe with the guns (chris was such a great teacher!!!)....so today's inspiration is the fun of guns!!!


2 january 2010

inspiration: campfire
location: Avery Farms, outside Caldwell, TX
thing I love: nostalgia

As we turned off the Texas County road leading us to Avery Farms, and closer to our friends in the country, I was unsure about the weekends activities. But one thing I was totally sure about...there would be a campfire.

One of my favorite things in the world is the smell of a good campfire. I love the glow of the embers as they keep the fire hot, the warmth that comes from the flames, keeping your face and hands from needing creepy masks and gloves, and the chance to sit still and just be with those around you.

This particular campfire was awesome...we roasted marshmallows, played with sparklers, made s'mores, burned stuff, and had so much fun talking and reminiscing about our childhood experiences with campfires.

01 January 2010

banana bread muffins

1 january 2010

inspiration: banana bread muffins
location: my apartment
thing i love: their deliciousness

So after a long night of fun celebrating New Years' Eve, most people spent New Years Day either nursing a hangover, eating black-eyed peas and cabbage, or a mixture of the two. I, personally, spent the day standing in the kitchen, cooking some deliciousness to take to the ranch for New Years' weekend, the afore named "New Years' Bikini Blowout."

I told my friend Chris that I would cook something fun to bring up since we were coming late, and so I made chicken tetrazzini and cranberry-orange bread pudding, but the real inspiration of what I made was the banana bread muffins I made from my Meemaw's recipe.

The reason for the inspiration is that her banana bread is heaven. Truly the most delicious bread I have ever eaten--it is delicious in flavor, moist (yeah, I used the word, even though I hate it), fresh, and filling. I don't remember if she actually ever made it for me, as my memories of the recipe lie in the Thorpe family cookbook with the name with 'Cecelia' written on the spine that graces the bookshelf of cookbooks in my mother's kitchen, but the taste of the bread reminds me in every way of my grandmother. Her very demeanor is the same as that bread: warm, enveloping, and fills you with a feeling of love that is so homemade/organic.

I love my Meemaw's banana bread. It couldn't be simpler to make, but it is perfect. I have never had any other that compared, but it reminds me so much of Meemaw when I enjoy it, that I could just be a little biased.

I had a little bit of a challenge when making these muffins for the ranch, as I had never seen them in muffin form before....only as a loaf. So, I called my mom and asked if she would dictate the recipe to me and let me know if she had any tips for making them into muffins, a less messy version of the loaf (easier to transport too). She gave me the recipe, and making them into muffins was a snap. It only took half the baking time, and they came out perfect.

Biting into the finished muffins was such an inspiration. It felt like Meemaw was in the kitchen with me, watching me create these delicious snacks for my friends...my surrogate family.

It is always so special for me to cook for my friends. Its different than cooking for family...to have your friends take part of something you have constructed is so memorable, creating a family feel when you can all sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal together, enjoying conversation and delicious food.

So to welcome in the New Year, my friends and I all got to enjoy meals together at the ranch, sitting and talking, and taking the time to be a part of each others' lives.