24 February 2010

i'm becoming a coffee junkie...

23 february 2010

inspiration: the beverage known to most as coffee
location: my tummy
what i love: it's yummy.

so it's called by many names...java, coffee, joe, mocha, cappuccino, caffeine in a cup, americano, cafe.
and you can go to plenty of places to get it...deidrich's, starbucks, jo's coffee, taft street, agora, brasil, empire cafe. (...and some of them are even good.)
but i love it. pretty much any way, but i'm really picky about where i get it from. i always love deidrich's...it's my go to for yummy coffee. the cold press coffee is my fav. it's all the things you love about coffee, but without any of the things you hate. no bitterness, but all of the flavor. YUMMY!!!!!
so if you get a chance, drive by...you'll probably see me there with a book. (this might be becoming a problem....)

21 February 2010

21 february 2010

inspiration: BROADWAAAAAAY!!!
location: barnes & noble on w. gray
what i love: the 5-6-7-8!

i have always loved broadway, and musicals by extension.....it's what i wanted to do for a LONG time. well, that didn't really work out that well, but my love for the music and the experience never died. so when jq went to work for tuts, i was so pumped (she has always been my friend that loves musicals as much as me...and this was her dream job!!)!!! and one of the first events she has had to do was tuts day at the w. gray b&n. so of course, i told her that i would go by and buy some books and give some monies to tuts. cause who doesn't want to support musical theater?!??!!!

so if you can get there before they close today, then pick up some books (or some of that other crap they sell at b&n), and tell them you want part of the purchase to go to tuts!!!

19 February 2010

who wants their portrait done???

18 february 2010

inspiration: this little portrait frame card from the family guide for the barkley hendricks show at the camh
location: bingo hall in the heights
what i love: it was so cute and hilarious!!

so i had to work before going to bingo tonight, and i was kind of bummed about it, but don't worry. when people aren't in the museum, i can always find ways to amuse myself. like tonight...i found an extra family guide for the barkley hendricks show, and i thought it was really funny that you could hold it up, and put your own face in a frame...so i decided to take it with me to bingo. as you can see, it made really fun portraits of the group...well i liked it!!!

oh, and i happened to make a perfect bingo dot in my free space....no big deal.

13 February 2010

neiman marcus. i know. it's awesome.

13 feb 2010

inspiration: neiman marcus
location: houston, galleria
what i love: um, what don't i love?

so neiman marcus is by far my favorite place to shop. i mean, hands down. there is something about the store...everything about it makes it my favorite. from the customer service to the retail, the selection.....oh, i could go on and on. 

but today, i made one of my best purchases to date. i have been eyeing this david yurman ring there for months...since christmas. i went through neimans with my mom a couple of days before christmas on our way into the galleria, and started looking at the yurman counter in the jewelry section, pointing out some of the rings my friends had....it seems it was a bit of a rite of passage to receive a david yurman ring in our group (for graduation, anniversary, christmas, etc.). so i started trying some on, as per my mom's suggestion, and i fell in love with this one ring. instead of a solid stone in the middle, it had lots of little diamonds. but i was thinking, it's too expensive. but mom thought it might work out somehow if i really wanted it. so mom and i were talking and she was like, well, we'll see...

so christmas came and went, and no david yurman. but that was ok. i wasn't really expecting too much, and i was blown away by the gifts i received...such sweet things from my friends and family! after christmas, mom and i were talking about it, and i just couldn't seem to get that ring out of my head. so mom told me to really think about it, and if i really wanted it that i should just go get it. 

so i thought on it for about a week, and then, today - valentine's eve - i went and picked it up. i got my ring!!! i'm so pumped about it!!!!!!! just ask me to show it to you some time. cause i will bust that puppy out!

10 February 2010

you always need a towel...

10 february 2010

inspiration: yoshitomo nara beach towel
what i love: 

it sounds really stupid, but today's inspiration is in fact a beach towel. yeah that's right...a beach towel. i am so ready for summer...so ready, in fact, i started looking at beach towels and swimsuits online...but i want to go away for the summer...somewhere where i can fall asleep in the sun and read style magazines all day long. isn't that the dream for everyone come summertime?? 

but my dream is my own, i guess, and i would like to have a nice blanket to lay on...and my blanket of choice is definitely this one....she's just so cute. 

when i was working for the modern, we had a show called pretty baby come through the museum, and i was so taken by one of the artists, yoshitomo nara. i thought his paintings and sculptures were so fun, and of all the japanese pop art that i have run across, the most inspiring. so this beach towel, in all it's adorable simplicity, is just my favorite thing today. i'll put it on my wish list, and maybe i'll get it for valentine's day!

07 February 2010

inspiration: my PUPPY! (and his cute cupcake)
location: mom's house
what i love: how adorable he looked

i took some things over to my mom's house today, and had a cute new toy for tucky. and when i saw him with it, it was pretty much the cutest thing i'd ever seen...so i took some pictures. 

you know, i have always wanted to have a cupcake and paper store. i don't know why the two go together...maybe because cupcakes come in paper?....but there it is. and if i ever get lucky enough to achieve my goal, that picture up top is going to be behind my counter. cause it could be one of my favorite pictures ever!!! so sit back, have a cupcake, and be jealous that your dog isn't as cute as mine... :)

04 February 2010

buyer's dinner = beautiful flowers!

3 february 2010

inspiration: FLOWERS!!
location: river oaks country club
what i love: the beauuuuuty!

ok so tonight was our buyers' dinner for the school art auction, and it was lovely. we had dinner at the river oaks country club, followed by presentations for some of the high bidders. it was really fun! i sat with some of our other rookies, and we had so much fun with the food and the open bar...
at the end of the night, we got to pick whatever flowers we wanted to take home, and i picked some white hydrangeas and these beautiful fire and ice roses...the pictures don't really do them justice (but the inside of the roses were this pretty peach color, and the outside of the pedals was this beautiful fuschia color....amazing!). really, all of the flowers were so awesome, with their delicately colored pedals, and their beautiful colors...i should really grow some of those or something.....

my little makeshift bouquet!
closeup of one of the roses

closeup of one of the roses

03 February 2010

wiiiiiii love wii fit plus!

2 february 2010

inspiration: wii fit plus
location: wii land!!!
what i love: it's hilarious!!! and awesome!

this was the most fun! we had a blast playing wii fit plus....from the advanced kung fu to the parade route...it was all amazing! thanks genie for upgrading, cause it was awesome!!! and we all laughed so very hard playing this one. and laughing at who the wii chose to fill in the rest of the workout.