09 August 2012

olympic visit!!! check!

ok...i'm back!!!! enjoy some of my fav pics from the trip! i saw the queen, some great display windows, some really fun style, and TONS of athletes!!! GO OLYMPICS!!!!!! :)

loved this tommy hilfiger window...all the globes were spinning!!

this was a cool tea party window by harrod's 

me and mom by the thames...spot the olympic rings!!

loved the flags they did outside harrods...team gb!!!

union jack flags in a pub 

mom and me 

tube station...to the trains!!! 

such excited team gb peeps!!

tower bridge with olympic spirit!!

this was the sweetest beefcake...i mean beefeater...

love this view of the tower bridge... 

shakespeare sweetness on a cookie

V&A museum - such a beautiful undergarment!! 

beautiful damien hirst window made from butterfly wings

wimbledon olympic rings 

i LOVED these sneaks!! i wanted some!!!

go USA volleyball!!!

olympic and gb flag 

mom and me - olympic park 

i brought out my red denim for this trip!!!

me with the olympic rings
 hope you enjoyed some of the highlights!!!!! wish you guys could have been there!!!