03 October 2012

how much do i love carol burnett??!?!!

just in case you haven't been introduced to her in the past, may i please introduce you to carol burnett??

she is one the most amazing comedians of any time. not just a comedian. not just a sketch comedic actress. not just a singer. not just a beautiful woman. not just a ginger. :) but an amazing woman, and an amazing inspiration for female comedians everywhere.

the carol burnett show

ms. burnett was on jay leno last night (just in case you missed it), promoting some dvds of her show "the carol burnett show." may i just say, that as a kid, and even as an adult, the carol burnett show was always one of my favorites. TO THIS DAY, my mom and i will talk about the show, and talk about how incredibly funny it was. i was too young to have watched it live as a kid, but i caught it in syndication as a kid, and i would LAUGH and laugh and laugh so hard. and even now, it still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

went with the wind - still so funny!!!
if you are unfamiliar with the carol burnett show, visit this website and check it out. it's pretty much the best thing ever!

i'm so glad we've had this time togeeeether...

01 October 2012

i want a halloween party!!!!

so i wouldn't usually say this, seeing as my birthday is on halloween, but i really want a halloween birthday this year!! i've been super inspired by some of the halloween images i've been seeing...

like these images from a harper's bazaar spread created by tim burton and tim walker (photographer). they are amazingly creative and inspiring for halloween!!!

or maybe it's lauren conrad's inspiring costume contest!!!

but what do you think? should i bite the bullet and do it this year???? and what should i dress up as??
this blog has the BEST halloween party decor ideas...loving it!

i'm thinking about all the fun decoration possibilities....like mustaches on sticks, and candy corn EVERYWHERE...cut out pumpkins, fun labels on drink bottles, make your own photo backdrop...the possibilities are limitless!!!
oh, this might just have to happen.

all these inspired ideas came from here:

this is a great website for appetizer ideas...i want to make about 90% of these.

great costume options from Lauren Conrad's website...she does a great job of getting costume potentials together!!

ps - and i may already have a playlist started...