19 September 2010

UPDATE: yessssssssss!

so good news readers....my old hard drive was RECOVERED!!!!!!!!!! i'm so relieved/excited!!! you guys have no idea. i was so worried about losing all my pictures and music....YAY!

17 September 2010

sad. sad. sad?

so i haven't been posting in the past couple of weeks, but my hard drive CRASHED! i mean, dead. dead. dead. so i'm trying to 'recover' my hard drive and save my pictures and things, so there will be a blogging hiatus, so to speak, until it finishes. cause i love for you guys to see my life in pictures, not just words. i love to share that with you!

so see you soon!!!

05 September 2010

if you haven't seen "The Cove" yet, watch this.

this is one of the most moving and shocking PSAs i've seen in a long time. if you haven't ever really taken an interest in animal rights before, don't be fooled into thinking that it's only about the animals that we eat, or the animals that we see in captivity here and the way that they are treated. while those are of great importance, think about how animals are treated in countries that don't have as many animal-conscious people as the united states does. think about the animals that are harvested for food, and are toxic to those that are eating them. think about the lack of education that exists in other countries about animal cruelty. and think about what profiteers are doing to keep their money flowing in, and ignorance at a high. then watch this video.

i will warn you that the subject matter is unsettling, and while there are celebrities in the video, there is also some video shots that are a little bit graphic, so don't let your babies watch it....just thought i should warn you...

if you haven't ever been involved in animal rights, or heard anything about dolphin poaching, please visit  the take part website here, and watch the cove (you can get the dvd on netflix), or even get it on itunes.

it is truly powerful.

i have seen some inhumane things happen to animals in my life. things i couldn't do anything about, or anything to really help. but this is somewhere that i have felt empowered to help, and i challenge you to do the same. i feel very strongly about this. we can help these unwitting creatures to find some peace in their home. to save them from endangerment and possible extinction. and show these monsters giving orders and killing, that they can't just harvest the ocean. they have to answer to someone.

really think about taking some action. this cause has really broken my heart. i'm sure it does yours too.

03 September 2010

Day 14 - Post a picture taken on your iPhone

I took this one today of my nephew. He is the most precious thing in the world...after my niece (but only cause I've known her longer) :)