15 August 2011

sytycd - season 8 winner!!!

man this season was good!!! (don't worry...i'll post videos) if you missed it, there was a fierce amount of competition this year on so you think you can dance! wow! so if you haven't watched the finale yet, don't read on....cause MELANIE WON!!!!

oh goodness!! she was so so good! this was by far my favorite season....the contestants got to dance with "all-stars," which meant that we got to see a return of some of my favorite dancers from past seasons (i.e. alison, ivan, neil, pasha, lauren, etc)! that was so much fun to watch! so if you missed anything, be sure to check out some updates!!!

people magazine interview with melanie
play by play of season 8 via wikipedia
cheat sheet of finalists season 8

some video highlights from this season: