09 August 2006


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i thought the marathon would be easier. -lance armstrong

so last year, i decided to train for a marathon...i had always wanted to run one, so i thought 17 april 2006 would be my time (the boston marathon...with the bro-yo)...i had lots of speculation from other runners about if i could make it, but i started the training anyways...i knew the qualifying time would be tough, but i had no idea how tough...3 hr 40 mins...yikes!!! but i started anyways.

in about february, i realized that i wasn't going to make it to the boston, but that i would try for the cowtown instead...next year. i had already missed all the training since the race was on 25 feb, but i was going to keep after it. after a couple of months of running, i realized that i might just not be able to finish after all. but i went on to the boston and cheered on the friends and fam, and for my efforts, my sweet bro-yo gave me his boston marathon shirt!!! so so so sweet! i love it!!!

but i feel lance armstrong's pain, and him saying it was hard makes me feel a whole lot better about it...considering he's won the tour de france seven times!!!! i guess it wasn't just me!! so i decided that i think i might try to do the avon breast cancer walk instead....it's the one that runs over 3 days, walking a total of 60 miles...so i guess i just need to get in shape for that now!! so if anyone is interested in doing it with me, just let me know!! i would love the company (both in training and the day of)!!

i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving...i know being home is fun for everyone!!! i hope to see you guys soon!!!

and what i've been listening to lately is awesome!! check it out!

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