26 June 2010

yl wilderness ranch 2010 recap

26 june 2010

inspiration: my young life girls
location: the wilderness of colorado
what i love: the word inspiration isn't enough...these girls are awe inspiring.
well what did i learn in a week long trip into the wilderness with 14 girls, 2 guides, and a base camp summer staffer/cook?? better question = what didn't i learn???? 
i learned about love. about God's love. about the love God gives me for these girls. 
i learned about the mystery of God. His desire to meet me in my mess. in my worst state of mind, and not only pick me up, but drag me out, clean me off, and deliver me to his grace. ah, God is good.
so enjoy a little bit of the craziness, some of the nostalgia, and hopefully, you see some of the beauty that i see in these girls and in the wilderness.

the group on day 2

a little more how we were feeling on the inside.
our celebration on peak day!!!
last day! we were wearing half of the woods' dirt, but we made it back to the drop point!!
what? serious pics are overrated...
God's beauty. it never disappoints.
the whole WHYL group!!!

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Christy said...

LOVE these pictures!!!
love YOU so very much Amy!!!
Amazing heart, amazing life, amazing woman...
so thankful our lives crossed on this journey :)