11 October 2010

go ahead. call me a music snob.

i'm so picky about song covers. i usually have a physical reaction or a knee jerk when i hear a cover come on the radio or tv, i usually have to turn the station. some people call this 'music snobbery,' but i choose to call it 'selective listening.' (my grandpa had it too, but that was a little different) the artist put out the song how they wanted it to sound, but that's just what i think. (and don't worry. i love karaoke. that's COMPLETELY different.)

now i have been a fan of glee for a while, and when i got back into town from my european excursion, i was psyched to sit down and watch two episodes of the show back to back. but you can only imagine my disappointment when i saw that one of the episodes was (yet another) tribute episode. (i happen to think that the madonna one was brilliant, but lady gaga pushed it, and britney pushed it over the edge, quite frankly.) but i thought i would give it a shot.

i have to say that the production team did a remarkable job, as did the dancers and choreographers. i mean, REALLY top notch. their dedication to creating a britney rich world, and recreating some of her most iconic looks was incredible...but i was only impressed up to a certain point.

for me, the only redeeming number of the episode was the "Toxic" number at the end of the episode. that is what i expect from a glee episode that's featuring pop music. the arrangement is really good, and the dancing is also exceptional. i really liked this number and at the end, i realized that i had hoped the whole episode would have been that good. i think that's the heart of my disappointment.

in case you missed it, glee - toxic clip for britney episode

and i just have to ask, what happened to the show tunes??? wasn't that the whole point at the beginning? i know that pop music can draw more fans, but half of the gleeks out there started watching the show for the references to broadway, both in music and choreography...and less for the trite pushing of the songs to fit the 'theme' for the week.

come on glee.

you're better than that.

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