16 September 2011

that pesky broken arm.

 ok, so here are some very belated photos of breaking my arm last december...yeah, 2010. sorry it took me so long to resurface. no excuses. but now i'm back. :)

(and warning: some of the pics are kinda gross...so you've been warned.)

being loaded onto the ski patrol sled...this can't be good.

being shown my broken bones. ouchy.

my doctors prepping for my block.

getting a block put in my arm so they could set it.
it was NOT fun, but genie caught this pic
when the doc told me a joke.
sitting in traction the first time. (there were 3 turns.)

my arm got REAL puffy. that was weird.
my knuckles got all black and blue. weird.

after i got home. driving myself was a little tricky.

my first hard cast. and yes it's purple. TCU won the Rose Bowl
the day after i broke my arm...i commemorated!

gene drew that heart. love it.

this was hilarious. (and you can kinda see the skull jq drew...)

this was cast #3...and it was raining. haha

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