11 November 2006

all i want for christmas is you....

Current Mood: cheerful & christmasy
Currently Watching: Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

so i saw this thing on my friend parker's journal that made me think.

I want to live in a holy manner so that I can say thank you with my life... thank you for my life.

i love that. i echo that for my own life. i want my motive to be a holy life, not just a moral life. i want to live with obedience and love, giving God thanks and praise for what i have and who i am. without that obedience, it seems a bit hollow...it doesn't mean as much without the foundation behind it.

on a different note, i can't wait for christmas this year!!! it's such a fun time....i love being home for the holidays...it being cold, getting to see family, doing fun things together, watching a christmas story over and over again on christmas day (a tradition in our family!!! haha) all that stuff. i love that about christmas. but what is disappointing to me is that there is a loss of what makes christmas christmas. the birth of our Jesus. what a great thing to celebrate!!!!!!!! i'm always amazed every year by how much the christmas eve service at our church blows me away!!! i love it!!! and i cry almost every year (i'm such a sap i know!!)...at just how beautiful everything is, but mostly at what an amazing gift we have in Jesus. that just blows my mind!!

i got on the christmas rant because they are showing how the grinch stole christmas on tv, and i just love that little cartoon (almost as much as the charlie brown christmas)...it makes me want to decorate for christmas!!! (but not until after thanksgiving...)
so i hope your heart is not two sizes too small, an that you enjoy today like it's christmas!!! hee hee!

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