04 April 2008

election thoughts...

So I watch The View almost everyday. I think that it is interesting what they have been talking about. Now, I am an undecided party member, and I straddle the line on a lot of issues. I think that The View has been largely one sided about their discussion of the upcoming presidential election, mostly because most of the panelists are democrats. I felt that this was the next action, since so many people listen to The View, I felt I should say something, so this is the message I sent them:

Because you discuss it so much on The View, I would like to know when we are going to start looking past Obama's race, and start looking at his actual agenda? I would like to know the same about Hilary. From what I am hearing, it sounds like everyone is merely listening to the flowery speeches of Obama and Hilary, and not questioning their true desires for our nation. I would like to know how they TRULY feel about nuclear issues, security risks in our country, real health care issues, and even how Obama thinks he is going to only raise taxes for the "rich" only. I am sick of hearing that all of us are looking at Obama about race. I am tired of thinking that we are going to have a president based solely on the color of their skin, and not their morals, the rights they believe in, or what is best for our country. I think priority one is keeping our country safe from warfare, nuclear weapons, and inhumane treatment of others. So I hope we can look past the fact that Hilary is a woman (because what does that really have to do with being president?) and that Obama is black (again, what does that have to do with his abilities?), and really start looking at the issues.

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