22 July 2012

bramasole...or 2 oxen 2 days...

"i have bought a house in a foreign country. a house it takes two oxen two days to plow.
since i don't have any oxen, i'll have to take their word for that..."


i am missing italy today. missing adventure. missing the journey. because of all that nostalgia, i'm watching under the tuscan sun...to soothe my italian itch.

so won't you join me in enjoying some photos from bramasole (which means 'to yearn for the sun'), the villa frances buys just outside of cortona?? (and if you're really nice, maybe i'll post some pictures from when i was last there!)

(all these photos of the property came from the bramasole for rent page on italian villas...check it out! you could stay there!!!)

these are a couple of pics i took last time i was in cortona -- 2007.

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