15 July 2012

brigitte bardot...i wish!

if i could be compared to any celebrity (in any time frame), i would like to think i would pick the most beautiful woman in the world. what girl wouldn't?! but i think that might be a bit boring. instead i think i might pick someone who is yes beautiful, and yes captivating, but that also is full of style. someone who influenced fashion, hair styles, and the very definition of sexy. no, i'm not talking about jennifer aniston. i'm talking more old skool than that...i'm talking about brigitte bardot.

see what i mean? effortlessly sexy!

goats!!! LOVE it!

love this pic of her with a weenie dog!!! bias much for me?!!! :)

both a french sex symbol and a cult film star, bardot was looked to for inspiration and direction from thousands of young women in the 1960s, and even now! i would love to be seen having the same effortless style and sexiness that bardot portrayed. off the shoulder sweaters, crazy beehives, and french pouts, here i come! 

(all photos were part of a vanity fair slideshow of some of bardots sex kitten years...check it out here)

read her interview -- vanity fair

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