29 December 2005

so here are some things that i...well, just read.

so...i'm quite certain that there are so many of you out there that feel like they should read a little bit about my life, so i feel like i should share some things that i really like, as well as some that i really don't like...just to give life some balance. i know that i shared some of my favorite things, but this will be a little different, as i am in a more direct mood at the current moment. so here goes.

things that i like...
hot beverages (they make me feel like a grown-up...you know, coffee, ho cho, tea, etc.)
a good book (highly underrated these days)
holding hands (it's just a cute thing)
long hugs (they make me feel wanted & comfy)
the stars (they are a truly beautiful creation from God)
sandwiches (hands down my favorite food)
photographs (i love everything about them...except that i sometimes forget the fun stories behind them)
sports (it takes missing a season of your favorite sport to realize how much you really love it i.e. college football)
balloons (don't they always just make you want to smile?!)
a plate of really well made ethnic food (an amazing plate of mexican/italian/indian/etc. food can make you forget your troubles...haha)
a great movie that you can watch over and over again (enough said.)
kissing (i know it sounds shallow, but i really miss it sometimes...too honest? oh well.)

now for some things that i don't like...
being talked down to (i really dislike it when people do that...i guess you would call that being elitist? not sure.)
stereotypes (labels should only be put on jars)
boys that take advantage of a vulnerable situation with a stupid joke (you'll have to ask for more specifics if you need them, aka "laming it up")
onions (enough said there. ick. double ick. ewww. sorry, just a large disdain there.)
feeling small (i've had too much experience with this in my life...both good humility and bad humility...)

that's all i can think of right now, but i would love to hear about some of your lovely likes and dislikes, since i would love to know some more random things about my friends! kisses...

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