14 December 2005

some of my favorite things

no...i'm not going to bust into my rendition of any songs from sound of music...i'll spare you that! but i will say that i wanted to list some of my favorite things...cause they are fun!!

feeling really connected with my Jesus
being in the mountains
holding hands with a sweet boy
running through the sprinklers...even the ones on campus @ tcu
funny words (...like "sham poop healed up"...that's for you lauren)
knowing that modesty is actually respected by boys
ballet that i still remember how to do
christmas lights...anytime (which is why i had a prelit christmas tree in my room for a year)
the feeling you get after you go running
being in love...
gilmore girls (i know...it's obvious linz!!)
looking at pictures
hugs from good friends (there's something special about them)
hearing "i love you" from someone unexpectedly

those are just a few...i'll let you know if i think of more! kisses.

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