17 February 2011

head gear is popular?!

just after i got back from my ski trip...minus the broken arm that is, i have been VERY inspired by winter hats. i just love that hats come out to play during the chillier weather.

i have been officially dusting off my own hat collection and rocking some adorable head gears in the last couple of weeks...well, at least the couple of days that we've had a semblance of winter here in houston.

so here are some of my fav hats for this season, both stylish and silly...as well as how i would wear them. enjoy!

so trendy

so alice 
so aqua

so grandpa

so pirate

so scottish

so mine

so lumberjack
so newsies
so cookie-monster

so scandinavian

so galifianakis
so foxy

 i'm loving each of these hats...haha. i would wear almost all of them.
so trendy--i think i would wear this one with a tunic, and liquid leggings for a more daring look (maybe my feminine leather jacket too?), but to casual it up, i might do some skinnies, chuck taylors, and a old man t-shirt...just to do the whole emo trendy thing. haha...maybe not.
so alice--too much to say a cute party dress? i just love alice in wonderland so much....hee hee
so aqua--i LOVE this hat. with an all gray outfit maybe? some wide leg trousers, either gray or denim, and a gray turtleneck. all together with the black pea coat. and a side braid.
so grandpa--with black pants, black turtleneck, black booties, and my black pea coat. all fitted. love.
so pirate--i'm feeling this one with a white button down and some slacks. too crazy? well i don't care. i'm feeling some stick straight hair, and maybe really big hoops....haha.
so scottish--better question....what NOT to wear this one with???
so mine--with everything!! i did buy the hat after all...
so lumberjack--haha. i love this one. i'm feeling the jcrew look with this one. that would be a chambray or denim shirt half tucked with some light wash jeans or khakis. and, of course, duck boots.
so newsies--this one's a little tricky to pull off without looking totally newsies. but i love the feminine touch of this one, with the bow on top. so i'm thinking, maybe a cool blue button down and some high waisted trousers. with a great belt...like carrie's valentino belt from the sex and the city movie? and some super high platform heels. that could be a hot look. with a great loose side braid.
so, the rest...well, with whatever, cause they are so silly...so silly to meeeeeee!!!!!


Susan said...

fun! i suppose head gear can be fun!


Monique said...

Such cute beanies!

Monique xx