15 February 2011

ok, so i know that you've heard of radiohead. how could you not? they've been around since 1985 (from oxfordshire), and rock better than just about everyone in the business. the band is made up of thom yorke, jonny greenwood, ed o'brien, colin greenwood, and phil selway.


if you're not sure, just ask me about it. i'll tell you. :)

if you haven't heard though about their newest release, it's because it's coming out today!!!!!!

get excited people! it's called The King of Limbs, and you can purchase it at the King of Limbs website, so don't even bother looking on iTunes...just download and enjoy peeps!!!

have a great post heart day...hopefully you guys aren't still in sugar comas...

(and this is an awesome link of thom yorke...it's funny!)

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