08 March 2010

alice, alice, alice!!

7 march 2010

inspiration: alice's journey through wonderland
location: the imagination via tim burton
what i love: how crazy tim burton is!

so this movie has been all over the place....it's all Alice! Alice!!! ALICE!!!!!
but that's OK with me....i have loved this story ever since i was a child. the characters, the journey, the imagination required to actually read the book. when i was a kid, i read the book, even though it scared me a little, and after watching the disney version...

...i wanted to be british, fall down a rabbit hole, meet tweedledee and tweedledum, and eat little cakes (no matter what they might do to me...), but i never guessed a version of this movie would be made that would be quite like this one.

tim burton created something both whimsical and a little creepy, with a jabberwocky, a creepy set of twins, beautiful flowers that have human-like faces, and well, johnny depp. in a way, it's every alice fan's dream...not to mention anne hathaway with white hair and black eyebrows....which i still don't entirely get. but that's ok.

so enjoy some of the images i took with my iphone at the movie tonight...they aren't that great, but go see the movie and you'll see just what i missed! it is truly a brilliant film! and you won't want to miss it!!!! (i plan to see it again...and again...and again. and maybe one more time after that.)

and all the images belong to disney...just don't make them mad.

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