22 March 2010

if ya thinkin ya dun, ya naut.

inspiration: jersey shawre
location: jersey, duh. (or mtv)
what i love:

so i officially have a new found love for the jersey shore. 

i didn't have any clue what i was missing until i got assigned to be a jersey shore character for young life club tonight. boy did i not know what i was missing!!! these characters are so freaking hilarious, i can't even tell you. 

so i got my best spaw-klees aoown, and i sprayed my heeair up big. real big. genie and i put our best hair doooses four-waad and went for it. the kids played a hawt dawg game and laved it. they did. they laved it big. real big. 

we had grant playing "a situation," and he literally drew a six pack on his stomach with a sharpie. hilarious. he was so funny when he lifted his affliction shirt up in the air....i died. haha

so attached is the link to the hilarious makeup training video we found on youtube....and a pick of snooks...just for your enjoyment.

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