31 March 2010

pretty little packaged plan...john hughes style.

31 march 2010

inspiration: john hughes movies
location: chicago usually.
what i love: the neat little wrap up.

i love things in my life being a bit unpredictable. 
sometimes i think my life would be easier if it all wrapped up as easily as a john hughes movie. 

i mean wouldn't it be great if my dream guy showed up on my birthday with a cake and we shared a candlelit kiss? or if my family showed up on christmas morning just as i woke up in time to find things just as i had wished for them to be? or if i just barely got away with the ultimate day in downtown chicago?

but i think i'm still in the plot development stage, in which my family has forgotten my birthday, i have realized that i'm all alone and the burglars are coming, or that my parents are about to bust me for skipping school and i'm face to face with my principal. i guess we all feel that way sometimes.

but then there are those other days, when we get marooned with the prom queen in a rolls royce, get to go on vacation to france, or get to cruise town on a free pass because my best friend is a bad ass. you know, those days when the stars align and we catch a break.

i've never been much of a planner. i've always left that to those people that make lists - and have to check off at least one thing a day. i must admit that i've always kind of envied those people. those that have at least one of the big checks taken care of - husband...check. kids...check. you know, the together people. and on the other side of the room...me.

you see, i've always been more of the 'go where the day takes you' kind of soul. lend my panties to a geek. overcome my fear of the furnace in the basement. sing in a parade and inspire choreographed dancing in the street. take a risk and see where the day can bring you. and doing all of it in good time. in my time. 

and i think that's ok. i've spent some time thinking about it, and i think that being organized can be great. making lists can bring you closer to your goals. i spent a lot of time making plans when i was younger, trying to finish my life before it started. and all it did was bring me to the conclusion that my life is not for me to plan.

it's like when you think you're going to be slick and grab a quick sip from the water fountain, and just as you lean over, turn the knob/push the button, a HUGE rush of water comes barreling out of the fountain, spraying your face, getting your hair wet, and leaving you no less thirsty, and in need of a paper towel. or maybe just a towel. you think to yourself, 'well sure. why wouldn't that happen?' well, that's pretty much how i feel when i try to plan things too detailed in my life. 

so i've decided that i might not get my john hughes ending. my candle studded birthday and parade days may not be in the making in quite the same way, but i'm going to have a bad ass time trying to make those moments happen. 

in my time.

(ps - another day i'll post some fun stuff from each of these movies....cause i love them each so much....haha)

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