28 March 2010

welcome in spring with some spring cleaning!!!

28 march 2010

inspiration: spring cleaning!!!
location: my mom's garage/my apartment
what i love: organization!

i love spring cleaning. who knew. i used to think i was organized. that i liked things in order. that i was someone that liked things tidy. boy was i right. but execution and intentions are so very different. i didn't fully understand that until i started really cleaning my room. 

i am finding all sorts of crap everywhere. i'm trying to just weed out and clean, and THEN, my mom called me today and asked if i would help her clean out her garage....i couldn't BELIEVE it!!! i have been waiting to get my hands on that garage since we practically moved in!!! i'm so excited to clean and move and clean some more! hooray!

but more on that later. i've attached an article link for a story about cleaning and organizing your house, complete with some dos and don'ts, just so you don't get too overwhelmed with the state of the world and your garage.

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