05 May 2010

happy five of may guys!!!

and what better way to celebrate (other than with a pinata) than a music update!! do you know about paper tongues??

 if you don't, then you should. and you'll thank me. they are so fun, their music is great to dance to, and you can jam out for days.
the band is from charlotte, and pumps out all these different elements of rock, funk, r&b, pop...all into a unique sound. you should really check them out!

and a little for the record for you guys...my 2 favorite traditions for today were also successfully celebrated--margaritas. and pinata.

if you've never busted into one of these bad boys, you need to make a trip to your neighborhood fiesta (supermercato), arne's (party supply), or target in the hood, and pick yourself up one immediately. then fill it with some delicious treats. some individually wrapped snackies. and put them in. then get a bat or a strong stick, or night stick, or something with the word stick in it, blindfold, spin, and swing (with some paper tongues in the background). instant and harmless fun! haha

so have a great margarita day guys.

and bust some pinatas today fools.

(rainbow pinata, paper tongues, lots of pinatas)

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