03 January 2010


2 january 2010

inspiration: campfire
location: Avery Farms, outside Caldwell, TX
thing I love: nostalgia

As we turned off the Texas County road leading us to Avery Farms, and closer to our friends in the country, I was unsure about the weekends activities. But one thing I was totally sure about...there would be a campfire.

One of my favorite things in the world is the smell of a good campfire. I love the glow of the embers as they keep the fire hot, the warmth that comes from the flames, keeping your face and hands from needing creepy masks and gloves, and the chance to sit still and just be with those around you.

This particular campfire was awesome...we roasted marshmallows, played with sparklers, made s'mores, burned stuff, and had so much fun talking and reminiscing about our childhood experiences with campfires.

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