05 January 2010

tcu horned frogs

5 january 2010

inspiration: my TCU Horned Frogs
location: Fort Worth, TX
thing I love: the 2009 football season, minus the Fiesta Bowl

Well, the season is officially over. And it ended with a heartbreak. The TCU Horned Frogs had a season legends were made of. One of the top three offenses. The best defense. All these things were looking so good for next season. A possible conference upgrade, a potential #2 standing for next year. All these things amazing. And then we played the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix Arizona, and it all went straight to he- er, well, you know where it went.

After the disappointing loss, all our Horned Frogs could do was hang our heads, swallow our words, and embrace the great job they did the rest of the season. It truly was a wonderful year for TCU football. And, who knows, maybe this year's performance will provide a good springboard for something great in the TCU athletic future.

So today's inspiration is for the Horned Frogs of TCU and all their fans. Keep talking big for TCU, keep your chins up, and we're gonna get 'em next year!!!

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