04 January 2010

dj whaaaaaaat?!! DJ HERO!

4 january 2010

inspiration: dj hero
location: Best Buy, Houston TX
thing I love: I feel like a bad-a

ok, so i went to visit genie up at school before her semester started, and take her to lunch. we went to which wich and got delicious sandwiches, then ran into best buy to look for a fun new wii game.

we found some fun stuff...like deer hunter and some fun wii accessories...then genie asked if we could stop and play some fun new game she had heard of, called dj hero.

we played for way too long and we had SOO much fun with that game! so much in fact, that i walked away with a bloody finger...yikes! (i cut my finger while cleaning a serrated knife in the kitchen...oops)

so needless to say, this will HAVE to be a part of my life when it comes out for the wii!!!!

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