03 January 2010


3 january 2010

inspiration: guns
location: Avery Farms, outside Caldwell, TX
thing I love: gun safety

ok. so i am a pacifist. i have always been ok with that. i am the first one to try to solve a problem rather than engage in a fight. (don't get me wrong, i like a good bickering match, but not so much with the fighting)

but when i was little, the dead deer would make me cry; in high school, i tried to convince a teacher that he was morally wrong for promoting hunting by having a deer calendar in his classroom; in college, however, i made my first strides towards making my peace with hunters...i went to my first ducks unlimited function. i then became friends with some people at tcu that had ranches, and we would go up with friends, hunt birds, and just chill. i fell in love with just being in the country. i still love it. i understand why people have country houses, living their lives in the city, and escaping to the country to relax.

we made a trip to the country for new years, having a great time just being together and being outside. it was wonderful! this is when i partook of something i had never done before...i shot a shotgun!!!!

believe it or not, i was always a little afraid of guns. i'll say that i've always given them their proper fear, kept my distance, you know, whatever. but i had a lot of fun on this trip, watching the guys practice their target shooting, and watching all the girls learning to shoot. it was so fun! genie and i went up on new years day, then stayed until sunday, helping chris clean up the house and get it ready to shut down, and lauren and daniel came up and hung out with us on saturday night/sunday...sunday we went out to the lake again, and shot some more. the girls had so much fun!!!

lauren and i learned to shoot shotguns, and how to stay safe with the guns (chris was such a great teacher!!!)....so today's inspiration is the fun of guns!!!

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