02 May 2010

fav quote of the day

date: 2 may 2010
inspiration: diane von furstenberg
what i love: her practical yet beautiful outlook on life

"color is magic." diane von furstenberg said this. and i love that she did. it really is. color creates an overwhelming feeling of magic. color provides and stimulates imagination and creativity. where would art be without color? without magic?? what about fashion?

dvf wearing signature wrap
diane von furstenberg created patterns and colors that were tremendously versatile. women of all ages and sizes could wear her clothes and feel beautiful and sexy. and with a woman like this at the helm, how could you not?? the clothes were beautiful and flattering, with whimsical colors and patterns that fed the need to stand out in the working world and in day to day life. (read more about her inspiration in Amanda Miller's article about her in the Huffington Post.)

her clothes are timelessly sexy, without trying. and isn't that the best sexy around?
love whitney port's effortless romantic yet structured look!
love this pattern

at dvf show spring 2011

love this image of dvf...classic.

 so enjoy some images today, and think about how much color is really magical. and if you can, go lust after some beautiful dvf creations.

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