31 May 2010

scary. but funny.

31 may 2010

inspiration: fatal attraction
location: my couch. in my apartment.
what i love: that the reference made it into a girlie tom hanks/meg ryan movie.

"there is no way that we're going on a plane to see some woman who could be some crazy sick lunatic. didn't you see fatal attraction?...well, i did. and it scared the shit out of me. it scared the shit out of every man in america!"

so sleepless in seattle is on tv right now....and i know what you're thinking. 'amy. really? a chick movie? a rom-com???' (in the most mocking voice ever please.)

but before you judge, there is one line that cracks me up every time i have ever seen this movie. and it's the quote at the top of the post. and even reading it now, i'm smiling. you just can't see it. hee hee

i love that tom hanks has made all these silly movies in the past. don't worry though. he's actually really funny, and now he's making ron howard movies where people die in crazy scary ways and stuff. so street cred in tact. whew. but movies like the money pit, big, joe vs the volcano....all so good. and while not quite oscar winners, they're some of my favs. if you haven't seen them, NETFLIX NOW!

and meg ryan. don't even get me started. while she's dabbled in some serious films, her success lies in the rom-com and all its lady-captivating glory. the movies like joe vs the volcano, french kiss, when harry met sally...you get the idea.

while it's no fatal attraction, i'm enjoying sleepless in seattle tonight as i wrap up the memorial day weekend...so you enjoy your last hours before the next work day.

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