21 February 2010

21 february 2010

inspiration: BROADWAAAAAAY!!!
location: barnes & noble on w. gray
what i love: the 5-6-7-8!

i have always loved broadway, and musicals by extension.....it's what i wanted to do for a LONG time. well, that didn't really work out that well, but my love for the music and the experience never died. so when jq went to work for tuts, i was so pumped (she has always been my friend that loves musicals as much as me...and this was her dream job!!)!!! and one of the first events she has had to do was tuts day at the w. gray b&n. so of course, i told her that i would go by and buy some books and give some monies to tuts. cause who doesn't want to support musical theater?!??!!!

so if you can get there before they close today, then pick up some books (or some of that other crap they sell at b&n), and tell them you want part of the purchase to go to tuts!!!

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