13 February 2010

neiman marcus. i know. it's awesome.

13 feb 2010

inspiration: neiman marcus
location: houston, galleria
what i love: um, what don't i love?

so neiman marcus is by far my favorite place to shop. i mean, hands down. there is something about the store...everything about it makes it my favorite. from the customer service to the retail, the selection.....oh, i could go on and on. 

but today, i made one of my best purchases to date. i have been eyeing this david yurman ring there for months...since christmas. i went through neimans with my mom a couple of days before christmas on our way into the galleria, and started looking at the yurman counter in the jewelry section, pointing out some of the rings my friends had....it seems it was a bit of a rite of passage to receive a david yurman ring in our group (for graduation, anniversary, christmas, etc.). so i started trying some on, as per my mom's suggestion, and i fell in love with this one ring. instead of a solid stone in the middle, it had lots of little diamonds. but i was thinking, it's too expensive. but mom thought it might work out somehow if i really wanted it. so mom and i were talking and she was like, well, we'll see...

so christmas came and went, and no david yurman. but that was ok. i wasn't really expecting too much, and i was blown away by the gifts i received...such sweet things from my friends and family! after christmas, mom and i were talking about it, and i just couldn't seem to get that ring out of my head. so mom told me to really think about it, and if i really wanted it that i should just go get it. 

so i thought on it for about a week, and then, today - valentine's eve - i went and picked it up. i got my ring!!! i'm so pumped about it!!!!!!! just ask me to show it to you some time. cause i will bust that puppy out!

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