19 February 2010

who wants their portrait done???

18 february 2010

inspiration: this little portrait frame card from the family guide for the barkley hendricks show at the camh
location: bingo hall in the heights
what i love: it was so cute and hilarious!!

so i had to work before going to bingo tonight, and i was kind of bummed about it, but don't worry. when people aren't in the museum, i can always find ways to amuse myself. like tonight...i found an extra family guide for the barkley hendricks show, and i thought it was really funny that you could hold it up, and put your own face in a frame...so i decided to take it with me to bingo. as you can see, it made really fun portraits of the group...well i liked it!!!

oh, and i happened to make a perfect bingo dot in my free space....no big deal.

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