10 February 2010

you always need a towel...

10 february 2010

inspiration: yoshitomo nara beach towel
what i love: 

it sounds really stupid, but today's inspiration is in fact a beach towel. yeah that's right...a beach towel. i am so ready for summer...so ready, in fact, i started looking at beach towels and swimsuits online...but i want to go away for the summer...somewhere where i can fall asleep in the sun and read style magazines all day long. isn't that the dream for everyone come summertime?? 

but my dream is my own, i guess, and i would like to have a nice blanket to lay on...and my blanket of choice is definitely this one....she's just so cute. 

when i was working for the modern, we had a show called pretty baby come through the museum, and i was so taken by one of the artists, yoshitomo nara. i thought his paintings and sculptures were so fun, and of all the japanese pop art that i have run across, the most inspiring. so this beach towel, in all it's adorable simplicity, is just my favorite thing today. i'll put it on my wish list, and maybe i'll get it for valentine's day!

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