04 February 2010

buyer's dinner = beautiful flowers!

3 february 2010

inspiration: FLOWERS!!
location: river oaks country club
what i love: the beauuuuuty!

ok so tonight was our buyers' dinner for the school art auction, and it was lovely. we had dinner at the river oaks country club, followed by presentations for some of the high bidders. it was really fun! i sat with some of our other rookies, and we had so much fun with the food and the open bar...
at the end of the night, we got to pick whatever flowers we wanted to take home, and i picked some white hydrangeas and these beautiful fire and ice roses...the pictures don't really do them justice (but the inside of the roses were this pretty peach color, and the outside of the pedals was this beautiful fuschia color....amazing!). really, all of the flowers were so awesome, with their delicately colored pedals, and their beautiful colors...i should really grow some of those or something.....

my little makeshift bouquet!
closeup of one of the roses

closeup of one of the roses

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