24 February 2010

i'm becoming a coffee junkie...

23 february 2010

inspiration: the beverage known to most as coffee
location: my tummy
what i love: it's yummy.

so it's called by many names...java, coffee, joe, mocha, cappuccino, caffeine in a cup, americano, cafe.
and you can go to plenty of places to get it...deidrich's, starbucks, jo's coffee, taft street, agora, brasil, empire cafe. (...and some of them are even good.)
but i love it. pretty much any way, but i'm really picky about where i get it from. i always love deidrich's...it's my go to for yummy coffee. the cold press coffee is my fav. it's all the things you love about coffee, but without any of the things you hate. no bitterness, but all of the flavor. YUMMY!!!!!
so if you get a chance, drive by...you'll probably see me there with a book. (this might be becoming a problem....)

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