17 April 2010

17 april 2010

inspiration: art history lectures
location: camh-y camh
what i love: the knowledge...the information you get to glean from someone else

Outside view of the CAMH - so pretty!!!

so i went to see one of my favorite profs from TCU speak today at the CAMH>> Dr. Colpitt. She is one of the art history professors at TCU, and one of the most amazing teachers i ever had during my undergrad. she came to speak on the Odita show in the downstairs gallery at the camh, and i hadn't heard her talk in a long time. i was blown away....i forgot how good she was.

i'm going to piece some thoughts together about the show from her lecture...well really just some points she made, cause i don't want to give any info that might not be right (that would be embarrassing...)

  • LACMA show in 1959 titled "California Hard-Edge"*
    • *named was given to this show when it traveled abroad
    • featured artists Karl Benjamin, John McLaughlin, Frederick Hammersley, and Lorser Feitelson
    • term 'hard-edge abstraction - coined by Jules Landsner, art critic, and was to be the title of the show
    • later used to describe artists like Frank Stella
    • relates directly to Odita's work...the solid, plane-like sharp lines of his paintings
  • color form - shape and forms made of color 
  • Mondrian was a different kind of painter, drawing then filling in
  • the illusion of movement, distinction of life al exist in Odita's work
  • Brave Men Run - quite illusionistic; looks a bit like a Cezanne landscape
    • with three distinct panels of ground - foreground, middle ground, background
    • similar title as Rucha's title "Brave Men Run in My Family"
  • the Television series is like the flash and scramble of turning on a tube television
  • as viewers, we often confuse intent with content 
sadly, these were the only notes that i took today...i wish i had more paper. but it was so good to hear her lecture again, and so fun to chat with her about working at the camh and about art history...i just love it so much!

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