20 April 2010

defender of our needs

20 april 2010

inspiration: psalm 10.17-18
location: the bible
what i love: the comfort and peace it brings

"you hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; You encourage them, listen to their cry - defending the fatherless and oppressed."

i love these two verses. the simplicity of the message. it is beautiful that the Lord not only hears our desires, but encourages them, listens to them, and defends our needs. did you get that? 


ok, so we pretty much know that God can hear us when we call. that he can answer our prayers before we even know the problem. we know that he provides us with encouragement, whether through a hug, a kind word from a stranger, a sweet gesture...

but how often do we ask for protection? we ask for protection when we're hurt. we ask for protection when we're scared. we ask for protection when we think we need it. but do you ask for protection when you aren't sure what you need? what about when you have no clue what you need? 

wouldn't it be amazing to give up all our "control" and rely on the Lord to know what we need, provide it, and protect us when we're at a disadvantage?! could we do that? could we abandon our limits and give up our fear of losing control in order to let the Lord take control and not only find us in our need, but defend us when we're without a protector and under attack?

i love that. the Lord wants to protect and provide. and i'm totally on board with that. and He fights to defend me. i'm on board with that. these are two verses i have really needed right now. it allows me to take a deep breath and say "ok. Lord take it, and defend me! thank you for your love and encouragement."


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