18 April 2010

barkley hendricks, you're my hero...

inspiration: barkley hendricks
location: camh-y camh
what i love: PORTRAITURE!!!!

so barkley hendricks is leaving....insert sad face here. i'm kinda sad this one is over. i loved the intimacy that existed in these paintings, and now that the show is coming down, i'm soaking up my last few days with them. we started de-installing after the museum closed last night, and it will take a couple of days to finish the de-install. we've got some help with registrar stuff from the nasher, and we are blowing through the conditions pretty quick. this one has actually been fun cause it's not so time constrained. well, it kind of is. but in the mean time, enjoy a few pics, and i'll see you soon!

a cool hipstamatic pic of Slick

who doesn't love an action shot?!

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