28 April 2010

28 april 2010

inspiration: alice...in her wonderland
location: imagination?
what i love: the intrigue, the dedication to imagination ruling our lives
this adorable print was created by etsy artist booksontape and can be found here

so alice in wonderland has always held a special place in my heart. i don't know why, but i've always been fascinated by the story, the book, the disney movie....all of it has really been a part of my life in a real way. (and i guess right now, the story is more popular than ever with the release of the tim burton version recently....)

to that degree, in my free time today, i started looking on etsy, one of my favorite sites for creatives selling their wares, for some "alice inspiration," and i found some cool stuff. so check it out! i'm sure you'll love it...

these were created by etsy artist inknpaint, and you can find one like it here

this cool bracelet was created by etsy artist justbedesigns and you can find it here

this cool ring was created by justbedesigns and can be found here

i'm sure i'll have more to list on alice this year...it's such an inspiring story to me, with so many fun and interesting characters. so stay tuned.

(and all the links were found after the post, but they are still awesome and inspiring)

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