09 April 2010

turn to the left. turn to the right. oooh bop. fashion.

9 april 2010

inspiration: fashion
location: camh, houston
what i love:

oooooh, bop. fashion. so last night i worked the fashion show for the camh teen council, and i have to say that i was really inspired. not because of usual reasons, but because these kids have worked really hard to produce really fun things. i didn't get to take many pictures, as i had to keep the kids in line and such, but the ones i got were fun.

now granted, some of the fashions were a little out there...and some were WAY out there, but then some of them were just beautiful and some were really really cool. and there were all sorts of fabrics and textures and materials to work with. it gave all of us old people (aka museum staff) the chance to play project runway staff...i got to be michael kors. so you know i waved my sharpie around in the air, saying things like "that was chic," and "how is that modern?"...none of this to the kids, just playing like kids ourselves...haha. shelby was heidi and connie took on nina...so funny!

but the kids did a ood job of finishing all their designs, and minus a few names out of order, the show went off without a real hitch. so turn to the left, and turn to the right....and girl you better work!

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