08 April 2010

day without shoes.

8 april 2010

inspiration: a day without shoes
location: all over the country! wow!
thing I love: blake's ability to think big, and the kids that actually did it!

i have been a toms follower for a long time. i started wearing blake's shoes years ago, because i believed in what he was doing, and i believed in his cause (if you don't know about toms, click the toms). i also have a friend who worked for him, distributing shoes in austin, and in order to help him keep a job, i started buying them.

last year, toms sponsored a day when people would voluntarily go without shoes for the day, in order to give a voice to children who live without shoes. it was a huge hit, so this year, they went BIG! they went national with the "day without shoes," inspiring all sorts of kids all over the country to go without shoes. even in this city, where the concrete gets uber hot when the sun shines on it...

so today's inspiration, while short, is all about my love of toms!! support them by going without shoes for the day...then get on their website, and buy a pair!!! for every pair you buy, a child in need gets a pair for free!!!

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