05 August 2010

Day 4 - picture of where you went today

so today, i went to work. then i went to my house. neither of those sounded like things i wanted to take pictures of....

....and i went to the galleria to help a friend get ready for her trip to los angeles this weekend...no pics there either (except for a pic of an embarrassing entree that we shared with shredded cheese and queso, beans, and some other REALLY healthy stuff)....until we left the galleria.

we were on our way out of the nordstrom parking garage, and saw a magical thing sitting in the parking lot...i'll give you a hint.

my bologna has a first name. it's o-s-c-a-r...

that's right!!!! it's the WEENIEMOBILE!!!!! so fun! so this is officially where i went today! to see the weeniemobile! official. see you tomorrow!

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