06 August 2010

turtle racing. yeah, that's what i said.

so last night was interesting. i was going to play bingo with jq and her boyfriend (and some of his friends), and well, things didn't really work out like we would have liked.

jq and i were late in leaving my apartment and got to the bingo hall a little bit late, and they wouldn't let us in!!!! can you believe that?!! the people at the bingo hall were SO rude. it was delightful.
but we went to cedar creek instead, and had a blast before going to meet the boys at little woodrow's in midtown.

we went to meet them for turtle racing. this could officially be my new favorite pastime in houston. we had to park far away, and walk a little, but we made it, and just in time! we met up with ryan and the boys, just as they were getting in line for tickets. here's how it works. you walk through line and get a ticket. this ticket is your pick for which turtle will win two out of three races to the outskirts of the 'field.' after you pick your "winner," (i picked a turtle named 'tweedledum' - obviously! i'll always go for the alice in wonderland reference....see some of my other posts on the subject if you don't know...) you wait for the races to begin. there is an announcer that comes out to get things started, but he sounded like the teacher from the charlie brown cartoons, so it was tough to hear, but they basically pick someone from the audience to be the "bucket babe," meaning that she lifts the lid of this bottomless trash can and sets the turtles free. then they try to race from the center of this platform to the outside of this turf lined circle or 'field.' each one of the turtles has a number on their back so you can tell who to root for.
it was pretty fun to watch, and i wanted to take a picture for the posting, but mine turned out like this:

yeah, i know. awesome. so luckily, someone else got a good pic and posted it on her blog. hers came out better, and i hope it helps to make sense of the wicked awesome fun that is turtle racing!

 oh, and just so you know, my turtle WON!!!!!!!! that's right! free beer for me...cause TWEEDLEDUM IS AWESOME!!!! (i secretly wanted to take him home...)

check it out, cause it's awesome!!!!!

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