01 August 2010

not much energy today....

so i've been sick all day today...just feeling crummy and icky, and really sick. so in lieu of writing something fun and witty, i'm going to leave you with one of my favorite things...

my childhood friend misty and i went to school together from kindergarten through high school, and we were friends for that entire period of time. she has three older siblings, two significantly older and one that was 8 years older than us...so she was in high school when we were in elementary.
well, lesley, misty's sister, was an alternate for the show choir (which was a really big deal to be in at our school), and got to perform in the spring concert her senior year. well, it didn't go very well....and was featured on america's funniest home videos in the 90s. it was that funny.

so click the link to see what happens to lesley at the spring concert.

and that giggling you hear in the background is misty laughing after "the incident..."

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