16 August 2010

well hello again.

so i know i haven't blogged in a while, but i have been emersed in the newest dan brown book. and i have to say, i'm a little OBSESSED. i have enjoyed all the other ones that i have read, mostly because of the rich italian history and art references (and despite the references to jesus having procreated with one of his disciples (mary magdelene) and carrying on the lineage of God's holy family - i feel like this is a bit sacrilegious...maybe just me)...but the lost symbol, brown's newest book, is really great! it's about masonry and the scottish rites...something my dad was really involved with while he was alive. and it's been something really cool to be involved with learning about.
so you should check it out. it's been really cool. (and the book is open right now next to my computer, so i'm going to get back to reading now, but i'll check in later. don't worry)

and i'll post date a little bit too, just to fill in on my pics of the day challenge. yeah, i'm falling behind. BIG surprise!

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